Purolite ion exchange resins

JSC "Inžinerinė ekologija" is an official distributor of Purolite in the Baltic countries. We are offering a wide range of ion-exchange resins (cation exchangers, anion exchangers, mixed materials, sorbents) for purification and treatment of municipal, industrial water and water used in specific technological manufacturing processes.

MaterialApplication Area
Purolite C100E Potable water softening, cation resin (Na+ form), food grade
Purolite C100HStrong acid cation resin used for demineralization, SAC (H+ form)
Purolite C104PlusWeak acid cation resin used for softening, decarbonization (dealkalization) and demineralization, WAC (H+ form)
Puropack PPC100Puropack cation resin – is a narrow-sized grading (650 ± 50 µm) material used for water softening or demineralization. Puropack is a maximum performance packed bed system for high load capacity, mechanical endurance, high linear velocity applications and countercurrent regeneration (Na+ or H+ form)
Purolite A520EAnion resin used for nitrate removal from potable water, (Cl- form), food grade
Purolite A502PSMacroporous anion resin/sorbent used for removal of organics, colorization and odor, (Cl- form), food grade
Purolite A400 OHStrong base anion resin used for demineralization, SBA (OH- form, gel)
Purolite A500 OHStrong base anion resin used for demineralization, SBA (OH- form, macroporous), excellent resistance to osmotic and thermal shock, resistance to organic pollution
Purolite A400 MBOH IND (blue)Anion resin with indicator used for adsorption of acid (HCl) fumes. Originally blue, the color changes to amber upon exhaustion
Purolite MB400Mixed bed resin used for demineralization up to 0,1 µS/cm, ready to use mixture with ratio of 40% anion and 60% cation
Purolite MB46LTMixed bed resin used for demineralization and specific EDM manufacturing processes, ready to use mixture with ratio of 50% anion and 50% cation
Purolite S108Resin used for selective removal of boron from potable water, process water and waste water, food grade
We are offering technical support and consultations for our clients. If you wish to order Purolite materials please contact us with your enquiries at info@in-eco.biz.